Frisco TX Online Bedtime Story Children’s Literacy and Fluency Guide Launched

Texas-based virtual literacy program (VLP) site The Reading Ranch has launched an online guide to bedtime stories for parents looking to improve their child’s reading fluency.

The Reading Ranch, a Frisco TX-based virtual learning program site, has launched a parent’s online guide to bedtime reading as a method of improving a child’s reading fluency.

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The Reading Ranch is a premier private tutoring group founded and created by Dr Kim Southwell that offers virtual learning programs (VLP) to support literary development and reading fluency in children ranging from ages 3 to 12.

In addition to their newly launched virtual learning programs, The Reading Ranch offers in-person classes at their tutorial centers located throughout Texas, including premises in Dallas, Southlake, Frisco, and Argyle. The Reading Ranch has ten tutorial centers in total which are open throughout the school year with lessons available on both weekdays and weekends.

The newly launched online fluency guide teaches parents to support literacy and fluency in children through bedtime story reading. The guide gives advice on various fluency levels, ranging from “Step 1” where the parent reads aloud to their child before bedtime, to “Step 3” where the child reads aloud independently.

The new Reading Ranch guide for parents highlights the importance of reading exclamations with excitement, adapting speed and tone so that speech sounds like natural talking, and pausing at the end of sentences. The guide also suggests it may be helpful for parents to point to the word as they read it and to allow time for children to enjoy book illustrations.

The Reading Ranch free online guide reminds parents to reflect appropriate emotions in their voice when reading aloud and to raise their voice at the end of a question to teach children about context clues. Additionally, the bedtime story guide emphasizes the importance of reflective work, suggesting that reading should end with a conversation about the child’s favorite parts of the story.

The Reading Ranch’s helpful tips section aims to develop a child’s fluency skills by encouraging them to read bedtime stories aloud to their parent and to be able to discuss what they have read. Their tutorials, available online and in person, range from kindergarten age classes, teaching phonics, wordplay, and guided reading, to critical thinking, grammar, and writing skills for 6th graders.

A spokesperson from The Reading Ranch said “Enrich your child with the gift of a strong foundation of early literacy. Learn oral language, print awareness, build on letter recognition, letter stroke, phonological awareness, alphabetic principle, rhyme time & word play. Advanced concepts will include blending sounds to form words, vowels and consonants, high-frequency word recognition.”

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