Frisco TX Chronic Pain Relief Chiropractor – Holistic Alternative Therapy Launch

Frisco, TX - Beyond Innovation Chiropractic (214-872-4220) announces its updated pricing models to make holistic therapy even more affordable for residents suffering from chronic pain. The clinic has worked with clients as young as two years old.

Led by Dr. Mark Liebich, Beyond Innovation Chiropractic lives up to its name with its newly improved chiropractic price packages. Now, patients can receive the care they need at prices they can afford.

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The announcement solidifies the mission of the center to offer cost-competitive chiropractic services to people who need them the most. In particular, Dr. Mark says that the alternative therapy can be used to alleviate chronic pain caused by bad posture and inactivity.

New data reveals that as more people are told to work from home, the number of people suffering from lower back or neck pain has increased. Experts suggest that this may be caused by poor posture, with more people adopting a hunched pose as they look at their computers for hours at a time each day.

With the assistance of a licensed chiropractor, patients can realign their stiff muscles and reduce the pain they feel. Still, Dr. Mark follows a holistic approach to therapy and also offers preventive exercises that patients can do to prevent a recurrence.

Beyond Innovation Chiropractic is a family-friendly office and believes that healing should be accessible to all, even, and especially for, children. Dr. Mark explains that he is seeing younger patients complain of pain around their shoulders, which he says may be caused by too much computer use.

He uses the latest techniques to support patients on their wellness journey and has made the extra effort to make his clinic as warm and comfortable as possible.

Chiropractic services may also be used to offer relief from allergies, asthma, ear infections, and sinus problems, among others.

To comply with the latest health guidelines to limit social gatherings, interested patients are encouraged to fill out an online form and schedule an appointment through the clinic’s website.

A satisfied client wrote, “Dr. Mark is great. I’ve been going to him weekly, and I’ve been able to work my long hours without pain.”

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