Frisco Travertine and Marble Floor Care and Restoration Services

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Conscientious maintenance of your natural stone floors will reap dividends in the overall value of your home and significantly reduce costs.

Heaven Sent Floor Care continues to expand its stone maintenance and restoration services with the growing population in Frisco, Texas. Almost all the builders in new construction are incorporating natural stone surfaces into their designs. However, this is a great deal of misinformation in how to approach travertine and marble floor care and restoration services.

Ken Albrecht, owner of Heaven Sent Floor Care commented he has observed the large majority of homeowners simply do not maintain their stone surfaces. Ultimately, an unhealthy percentage of individuals do not place the appearance of their natural stone surfaces as a high priority in their budget.

Mr. Albrecht stated, as with any item where maintenance is ignored the ultimate cost is significantly higher when an individual either through necessity or through desire finally proceed with their travertine or marble floor care restoration services.

Travertine being a significantly softer stone in most instances will not withstand the wear and tear of marble. Holes are much more common in travertine due to its inherent softness. Even more critical to how a travertine floor will wear, is how well it was installed. This single factor can be the determining factor in whether a person loves or despises their travertine floors.

Marble is still a staple in many designers and builders scheme. Unfortunately, for the majority of people marble is not a good choice as vanities or kitchen counter-tops. They are very susceptible to acidic substances. The result is etching what many refer to as a stain. Granite or Quartz are better choices for these applications.

Ken explained that Heaven Sent Floor Care performs travertine and marble counter-top restoration in Frisco, TX. Where a travertine floor is poorly installed, the problems will inevitably have a snowball effect. These include increased soiling, and increased scratches from lippage (uneven tiles).

Ken offered some words of wisdom when having a home built, having stone installed or purchasing a home. First he explained a homeowner needs to be absolutely positive the builder or contractor is using experienced installers and proper oversight of their work is in place. When buying a home with stone an individual needs to objectively determine if their lifestyle is conducive to natural stone floors. Pets and children are hard on stone floors. An Investment a homeowner takes in their stone floors will reflect the pride they worked hard to achieve in decorating their home.

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