Frisco STEAM Summer Camp Robotics Leadership Educational Programs Announced

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Smarts Education and Enrichment, a Frisco, Texas independent education provider, launched two summer camp programs covering a wide range of academic and social skills. The programs have started on June 5, with enrollment being currently open for the upcoming programs and training modules.

Smarts Education and Enrichment, STEAM Learning Center based in Frisco, Texas, announced various summer camp programs for school age children. The STEAM based courses cover a wide range of educational content, providing both conceptual and skill-based education in Robotics, Technology, science, engineering, chess, writing and various other learning domains.

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Summer camps have always enjoyed a considerable popularity among parents looking to offer their children valuable educational opportunities at one place. As most summer camps are designed to provide both academic training and chances to socialize and develop communication skills, the demand for such educational programs has been growing steadily.

Smarts Education and Enrichment is an independent education provider offering various courses and programs for children in Frisco. The Smarts summer camp programs have officially opened on June 5, but interested parents can still enroll their children for the upcoming modules.

The Frisco educational organization offers two main summer camp programs: the STEAM summer camp and the Special Skills (Chess, Robotics, Writing, Science lab, Minecraft, Coding) camp. The two programs are designed to blend state-of-the-art educational methods with relevant curricula, offering hands-on learning experiences and engaging the participants in meaningful activities.

The STEAM summer camp provides children with various opportunities to improve their academic skills in a cross-curricular educational environment. Activities begin at 9 am and conclude at 5 pm, including field trips, age-appropriate yoga, next grade bridge curriculum covering science, maths and reading, skill-based projects such as readers theatre, engineering projects, arts and crafts and various others.

The Special Skills camp offers skill-based training on various subjects and topics, including writing, chess, science, robotics, exam preparation( CogAT, ITBS, CBE, SAT/ACT ) and much more. Workshops last three hours, starting at 9 am and 2 pm throughout the 11 weeks of the summer camp. Each week features two different special skill camps.

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