Frisco Health Insurance Future Depends On Court Review On Affordable Care Act

Rick Thornton, a health insurance agent in Frisco, Texas says everyone, especially government lawmakers in key blue states, are waiting with on how the outcome of a high court review on the Affordable Care Act will pan out.

Health Insurance in Frisco and the nation’s healthcare system as a whole continues to be threatened by legal uncertainty surrounding the Affordable Care Act (ACA). It has become so bad that proponents of the oft-maligned ACA have asked the state’s highest court to make a definitive decision on two recent appeals during the term that runs through June. Officials argue that a recent court ruling that found the original law’s individual mandate to be unconstitutional has cast doubt on the ACA as a whole, and continued waiting to make a definitive decision could have irreversible adverse consequences for patients, providers, and insurers everywhere.

Annual national spending for health insurance is on pace to hit $6 trillion because of the costs for Medicare and private insurance — even as American use less care. On top of that, millions more Americans don’t have Frisco Health Insurance compared to several years ago, and millions more who do have it can’t afford basic medication and services. There is also the fact that the average life expectancy has decreased sharply over the last three years.

In response to the request to expedite a ruling, the high court gave red state lawmakers a deadline of 4 p.m. on January 10 to respond to blue state lawmakers. Red state lawmakers, all of whom want the entire Affordable Care Act to be dissolved for good, appear to not be in any hurry, however. On top of that, getting the state’s highest court to fast-track a ruling could be difficult given its already-packed docket of various subpoenas and other sensitive items that call for careful decision-making. On top of that, Rick Thornton, a Frisco health insurance agent, said recent statistics from government officials point to overall health insurance stability throughout 2019 and the start of the New Year. This includes everything from falling costs for premiums to insurers announcing profitable numbers.

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