Frisco Health Insurance Customers Struggle with No Vote on Obamacare

Frisco Health Insurance customers are once again left hanging after the last-ditch effort to repeal and replace Obamacare seems to have failed thanks to lack of support from major players on both sides of the aisle.

Several key players announced their decision not to support the Obamacare repeal bill, and unless one of them switches their position, elected officials can’t muster the 51 votes needed to pass it. The bill struggled after authors changed key components to satisfy critics, but still, it wasn’t enough. Frisco Health Insurance Agent Rick Thornton feels that unless the two sides quickly commit to making concessions and changes that will benefit the majority of citizens, the repeal and replace may not happen at all.

“Citizens must come first,” Thornton explained. “Unless this bill proves to take care of everyone in the country, then it’s not the right solution. Not yet anyhow.”

Currently, Senate and House Members are up against a Saturday deadline to pass the new legislation. Without having enough votes to pass, there is still a chance they won’t bother to vote at all, a fact that has some Health Insurance customers in Frisco very concerned.

“They should at least vote,” concerned citizen Tammy Buehler said. “We need to know what’s going on with our future.”

The opposition to the repeal and replace caps off a months-long effort to amend the Affordable Care Act after seven years of campaign promises to do so. The House and Senate failed to pass three other versions of a repeal to Obamacare in late July when key leadership all voted against it. Several elected officials have not yet indicated their position on the latest version of the bill, primarily because this is the fourth version and many believe it is just as flawed, if not more so than previous attempts.

The fact the bill was released only a few days before the vote hasn’t helped either. Many believe it only adds to the confusion over what was left in; not what was taken out. Everyone insists on being sure that every component to the bill is in the best interests of constituents and the population at large and it’s tough to be clear on when there is so little time for careful review.

Some Senate and House members already announced their positions on the latest version, despite the last minute changes made. These concessions are attempts to get hold outs who vote no, on board. Whether or not they will succeed is anyone’s guess at this point.

One consideration that was debated, after an analysis of state-by-state healthcare funding, shows that certain states would see dramatic increases in healthcare funds, while others would see very little increases. Some lawmakers feel this is unfair and must be addressed. The funding distribution has monies being taken from one place and redistributed to another. Senators complain there are simply not enough financial resources to go around. In the end, elected officials worry that someone will be left behind.

Overall, Health Insurance in Frisco will remain the same until responsible legislation is passed. When that might be is anyone’s guess. Meanwhile, Frisco Health Insurance remains on the side of the consumer, offering creative solutions to save people money in the long run.

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