Frigidaire Large Twin Refrigerator and Freezer System Appliance Launched

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Brooklyn specialist homeware retailer Appliances Connection have updated their cooling system collection, offering the premium Tall Twins freezer and refrigerator double unit from Frigidaire.

Appliances Connection, a specialist online retailer based in Brooklyn, have recently updated their luxury kitchen appliance collection with the new Tall Twins freezer and refrigerator from Frigidaire.

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Interested parties can purchase the recently launched Frigidaire twin freezer-refrigerator from Appliances Connection’s online store. The energy efficient cooling units have a large storage capacity and SpaceWise organization system, including glass shelves, door bins, a spacious crisper drawer, a soft-freeze drawer, and an ice maker.

The new column freezer and refrigerator units have been designed with versatility and adaptability in mind, as they can either be placed together or apart to work with any kitchen space.

Specifically, the pair of tall twin cooling units are comprised of a single-door refrigerator and coordinating freezer fitted with durable, easy to clean hardware features. The high quality finish gives the unit a built-in look, with a range of trim kits available to adapt the cooling system to any modern interior design choices. Moreover, the smudge-proof stainless steel handles resist unsightly fingerprints and make the fridge-freezer system easy to clean.

The handles can also be customized to suit any kitchen design style. The shelves and bins are lit with sleek LED lighting and the digital control panel allows easy access for adjusting interior temperatures. The doors close automatically if left 5 inches ajar or less in order to prevent food spoiling, while the temperature alarm guarantees a convenient alert if the interior become too warm.

Additionally, the built-in power outage assurance system ensures cold air is locked in for two days after power is cut, keeping food and beverages cold even in an emergency. The crisper is built with auto-humidity technology designed to reduce excess moisture.

The Frigidaire cooling system is fitted with an internal water dispenser and filter that can remove up to 99% of contaminants, while the highly efficient glide-out ice maker can produce up to 4.5 pounds of ice per day.

Appliances Connection is a premium online appliance retailer dedicated to providing customers with a full range of home technologies in one convenient site, including premium dishwashers, refrigerators, electric ranges, and laundry systems.

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