Fresh Food Container With Airtight Storage Patented Vacuum Seal Site Launched

Ankomn Lifestyle has launched a new site including a web store for the Savior, a patented airtight food storage container that keeps foods fresher for much longer, extending their shelf life by up to eight times longer than usual.

A new site has been launched by Ankomn Lifestyle for the Savior, a patented airtight food storage container that prevents foods from spoiling for longer periods of time. For more information about the Savior, visit the following website:

The Savior container keeps food fresh with its patented vacuum pressure seal, making it difficult for oxidisation to occur and ensuring foods are preserved intact for longer periods of time compared to standard lidded food storage containers.

The Savior does not require any extra items in order to operate it, such as cords, batteries, electricity or pumps; the user simply twists the patented vacuum handle, in three simple turns, built in to the lid in order to easily and manually create a powerful vacuum seal for airtight freshness. The lid also features a release button, which is the indicator that the container is properly sealed and food is not at risk of spoiling by oxidisation. Instructions with illustrations are featured on the new site.

According to Ankomn, the Savior keeps food fresher for much longer than other lidded food containers, saying that standard containers start to lose their seal and leak air in after seven days, whilst the Savior retains its airtight seal for up to 21 days. A good example of this is freshly roasted and ground coffee beans, which keeps fresh up to eight times longer, says Ankomn; the regular shelf life of coffee is around 20 days for freshness retention, but with the Savior’s specially designed vacuum seal can keep coffee fresh for up to 160 days.

The new site lists further features about the patent pending Savior: it’s made with BPA food grade plastic making it impact and stain resistant, it’s environmentally friendly, it features a modular design for easy and space saving stacking, it can be stored in the fridge, it’s freezer and dishwasher friendly, and cleans in a few seconds. The vigorous tests guarantee its durability and the gasket rubber seal is easy to remove for cleaning. The vacuum pressure also lends itself to marinating meats and vegetables very effectively, allowing marinades to penetrate deep into the foods.

Customer feedback on the site from those who have purchased the product already shows that people value the food freshness longevity, ease of use, and say it’s not prone to leakages nor is the base prone to breakage in comparison with other similar products.

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