Fremont CA Business Video Security CCTV Managed Surveillance Service Launched

A leading provider of managed security CCTV systems, OVISS CCTV, has launched a new fully managed service aimed at local businesses in Fremont, California and the surrounding areas.

OVISS CCTV, a leading provider of fully managed commercial security camera systems, has launched a new security service primarily aimed at local business owners.

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The new service is designed to provide stress-free security and peace of mind for business owners in Fremont, CA and the surrounding areas. The expert team at OVISS CCTV say there is a significant difference between a managed service when compared to unmanaged options, with the first option being far superior in terms of quality and reliability.

OVISS CCTV understands many business owners do not have time to inspect CCTV or manage their security cameras because they are busy running their company. While the team argue a CCTV system is a must for any business, they understand business owners are generally not surveillance technicians.

Selecting the right camera is the essential first step. OVISS CCTV can help organizations select the system that best meets their needs. For instance, sophisticated camera systems feature narrow or wide view lenses, different recording modes, and can be linked to mobile phones via an app.

The team states that a common issue occurs when businesses install surveillance cameras as a deterrent, but do not actively use them. This approach, while successful in some instances, can lead to problems.

In many cases, the security camera may not be working when the business needs it most. In this scenario, many people are unable to provide video evidence, footage, or surveillance to the appropriate authorities.

After-sales customer support is often limited when companies purchase their own surveillance system. OVISS CCTV argues a key advantage of a managed system is the fact customer service is always of paramount importance.

A company spokesperson said: “At OVISS CCTV, we have thought of solutions to all the problems our customers could face. As an example, to reduce vulnerability, all our NVRs come with a minimum of two hard drives – meaning that if one fails, there is always a back-up option.”

“Business security is crucial – many business leaders and owners overlook it, but what if you get broken into? What if something happens near or on your premises? How can you provide hard evidence without an up to date managed CCTV system in place?” they added.

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