Freelance Writer/TESOL Tutor – Summer Side Jobs For Teachers Report Released

Crucial Constructs, an online training academy for e-commerce and business, has released a report on what it considers to be the top 8 summer jobs and side hustles for teachers.

The academy’s latest report chooses occupations that most teachers will find simple to perform and excel in. The ones that made it on the list are translator, freelance writer, tutor, camp counselor, tour guide, TESOL tutor, babysitter, and online course instructor.

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With this latest report, Crucial Constructs hopes to point out some great options for teachers who would like to remain productive during the summer months.

Being that teachers’ jobs are seasonal, the time between school sessions becomes boring for some. Their academic training instinctively makes them want to find ways to be educating and assisting others. Because of this, the suggestions made by Crucial Constructs will most likely seem appealing to many of them.

A few of the obvious choices are the tutoring jobs. These can be done online, or in-house. Online tutoring is a preferred way lately because of safety issues due to the pandemic. The teaching can be done using the various meeting apps now available. One that has become popular worldwide is Zoom.

These applications are easy to use, and allow someone to teach a student living on the other side of the planet. This is convenient for both parties, as no one even has to leave their home.

If the educator is acquiring their own students, the day and time set for the class can be very flexible. It makes this a great choice for those who don’t wish to be tied to a schedule. The teacher can work from home, and set their own hours. Using this method they will be in control of their time.

The article points out that this is different if working for a TESOL (Teaching English To Speakers Of Other Languages) company, such as QKids, or VIPKids, and others. The hours are preset, and the teacher must abide by the company’s program and timetable. However, some may favor this manner, as all the organizing is already done.

The other jobs listed in the report all have good things to offer as well. It would just depend on what the person enjoys doing, and how much extra time they want to spend working in the summer. Another factor would be the amount of additional income they wish to earn.

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