Freedom Breakthrough 2 Product Marketing Autopilot Business Training Launched

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Jonathan Montoya has launched Freedom Breakthrough 2.0, his multi-product marketing program that demonstrates methods and techniques to help online marketers manage multiple products, improve online engagement, and achieve better sales volumes.

With the launch of Freedom Breakthrough 2.0, the experienced online marketer will provide in-depth coaching on high ticket sales, Google SEO, and other essential skills. Tutorials will also cover online marketing techniques to boost engagement through emails, blogs, and social media platforms.

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Jonathan Montoya’s program will provide a platform of learning for online marketers who are looking to develop their skills and expand their sales strategies to achieve favorable outcomes. Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 centers on a system developed by Jonathan called the affiliate stacking ecosystem, which offers constantly updated material based on personal experience and new industry trends.

According to a leading software evaluation platform, the global performance marketing industry is estimated to be valued at $12 billion. This presents marketers with opportunities for participation, along with a potential for future growth. With this growth, marketers must employ variety in their approach to ensure their place within the industry and secure a consistent income stream.

Jonathan Montoya’s Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 program provides marketers with instant access to tools, skills, and other resources that will enable them to improve their performance. The program comprises 12 modules that teach effective online marketing through automated emails, Facebook, YouTube, and others, along with a series of optional bonus packages that offer additional skills.

Participation in the program requires a one-time fee of $1,497, which can be settled in one payment, or installments of $597 over 3 months. Aside from Freedom Breakthrough 2.0, John also tutors the 3 Day Business Challenge program, which offers online business development training for a $7 enrollment fee. A link to the program is available at:

About the Tutor

John Montoya is a professional affiliate marketer, coach, and mentor. He develops online marketing programs to help individuals transform their revenues towards greater success.

A satisfied trainee said, “7 months ago, I thought my online dream was ending. I put in a lot of work daily, but my bank account just didn’t reflect it. But I didn’t quit. Instead, I kept learning and believing. I finally learned how to turn my business around with a few simple twists thanks to John Montoya and the invaluable lessons I learned from the Freedom Breakthrough program.”

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