Free Webinar 'Talk Like a Leader' Shows How Confrontation Can Be Done Positively

Dorothy Tannahill-Moran's new effective confrontation training provides free information for leaders and managers looking to improve their skills.

For leaders and managers looking to improve their skills in confrontation, performance feedback and conflict management, Dorothy Tannahill-Moran is offering free training sessions on June 17 & July 8. The training is a 2-Part series and will be held by free webinars and will take 30 minutes for each session.

For full details, interested parties are encouraged to view: Talk Like a Leader Webinar

Talk Like a Leader webinar training will include:

* why confrontation and assertiveness is vital to being a leader and the issues created when problems are not resolved quickly

* specific examples of things to say and what to avoid to reduce defensiveness and create mutual success

* what passive behavior is and how it creates a lack of respect and an inability to lead or influence

* how to provide feedback in a way where people will listen and be motivated to be the best

* how performance management is everyones responsibility including individual contributors and the 5 steps each person should follow

* the best way to handle conflict and defuse anger

* what passive-aggressive communication is, how it’s dysfunctional and how to avoid it

* how to create a culture of trust and demonstrate leadership abilities

When asked about the reasons behind the decision to provide free training on such an in-demand topic, Dorothy Tannahill-Moran, Leadership Coach of Dorothy Tannahill-Moran said,

“Assertiveness, confrontation and conflict management are among the many things we weren’t taught growing up or going to school. Yet, its a critical skill to master if a person intends to be successful in business.”

Leaders and managers who register will be sent recordings of both sessions and do need to attend. Customers who have specific questions about the training or wish to obtain additional information on this topic may go to the website for Introvert Whisperer.

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