Free Short Sale/Foreclosure/Bankruptcy Recovery Workshop in Fairfield, CA.

This workshop is designed to help families in or near Fairfield, CA that have been displaced from their homes by a Short Sale, Foreclosure or Bankruptcy. Learn about the new regulations and lender requirements that will help you re-enter into home ownership.

This workshop is designed to help families that have been displaced from their homes by a Short Sale, Foreclosure or Bankruptcy.  Understanding the regulations and lender requirements is a challenge because those are constantly changing.  Another part of the issue is the varying circumstances under which the loss of the home occurred.  Re-entering home ownership is absolutely possible, with a committed plan, a dedicated REALTOR and a local Lender.

“Experiencing a Short Sale, Foreclosure or Bankruptcy is very difficult no matter how smooth the process. This workshop is designed to put those wishing to re-enter home ownership on the right path. This is now in a BUYER’s market with stable/declining home prices, stable and historically low interest rates, and lots of loans available that meet the needs of any SERIOUS BUYER,” says Linda Cook of RE/MAX Gold.

The topics that will be covered are: The proper steps for establishing credit, how/where to obtain down-payment assistance. the true costs of RENTING vs. the value of OWNING your home, tax advantages and implications, payment differences on a 4.5% vs. 5.5% interest loan (interest rates WILL go up), the cost of WAITING (home prices will go UP), help with Budgeting and Timelines, and choosing the best LOAN for the buyers circumstances.

Presenter Sean Murphy, of Summit Funding, has seen all sides of this problem: loans created during the height of the market (2004 to 2006) that were adjustable and/or interest only; homes that were over-priced creating unrealistic mortgage payments; families forced to re-locate; and finally (the GOOD NEWS) helping some of those same families buy a replacement home.  He will share information about new mortgages that are available at much lower interest rates, fully amortized.

Presenter Linda Cook, RE/MAX Gold REALTOR, ( spent several years teaching classes for families facing FORECLOSURE, and helping many of her clients through a Short Sale, often recommending legal and tax consultations due to the unique challenges each family faced.  Every one of her past clients has expressed very high satisfaction with her services and some have bought another home with her as their Agent.  Most of those homes are in better neighborhoods, have much lower prices with better loans.

Space is LIMITED, please pre-register by calling Linda(707.704.4284) or contacting her via eMail (  Upon registration address will be provided.  Refreshments will be served.

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