Free SEO course from G Cube Media on How to Protect Your Site from Ransomware

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G Cube Media released a free course on Cyber Security ransomware prevention titled How to prevent hackers from affecting your SEO. Access available at

G Cube Media has today released a free course titled: “How to prevent hackers from affecting SEO”. This course aims to show how to safeguard Website security, enhance it, and prevent cyber criminals from attacking a site.

The Course will demonstrate how to enhance a website’s organic performance without being victim to exploiting vulnerabilities that vagrants scraping the internet are looking for.

For this reason, website security should not be ignored when it comes to digital marketing. The course enables a deeper understanding of what hacking is, and demonstrates the reason on why it should not be neglected.

The course has been made openly available and at no cost by G Cube Media. It’s available to the public from thought leaders within the Marketing space with extensive experience in preventing Cyber Security ransomware breaches to businesses.

The course focuses on Internet Marketers since the G Cube Media team believes that Internet Marketing being the fast paced business platform that it is, it’s critical to have the most current information necessary to succeed.

This course will ensure that the process of conducting a small business will be made a lot easier by allowing owners to focus on the implementation of their campaigns without having to worry about the constant threat of online security.

When asked about why they released the report at this time, Owner Peter Williams at G Cube Media said: “With the increasing occurrence of cyber hacks and ransomware breaches this FREE course had to be published in order to make small business owners aware of the fact that attacks from cyber criminals are not targeted to only big corporations but to growing small businesses as well”

Interested parties can find the report ready to access, for free, at

G Cube Media was founded in 2014 and utilizes Cutting edge innovative techniques to Increase Search engine traffic with SEO within the Marketing industry. It’s best known for Delivering the best available and most effective information to Improve business operations.

Its unique position within its industry gives it the authority to produce such a course on Cyber Security ransomware prevention for businesses because of the experience in dealing with challenging security issues while effectively running a business.

But, just like the rest of the world, the Internet is filled with hackers. So, who are these people?

They possess the skills of the stereotypical software engineers and Internet marketers, but their intentions are criminal and awareness of their existence and intent is half the battle won.

The course line is unique in that the information provided is a compilation of the top experts in the industry providing value in giving the information needed to stay ahead of the hackers.

For example, as the course aims to solve Website security, or the absence of it, can directly and critically impact a site, and that includes the site’s organic performance.

For this reason, website security should not be ignored when it comes to digital marketing plans., it gives valuable information to the viewer that will ultimately benefit them with the knowledge of the threats revealing the tools needed to protect any business.

This insight simply wouldn’t be possible, or advice nearly as effective, without the 7 Years spent in Marketing with the experience amassed on the complexion of the internet.

More information on G Cube Media can be found at

The Course” How to prevent hackers from affecting your SEO” can be accessed at

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