Free Report Reveals 10+ Free Christian Books for Kindle, Nook & iPhone

Christian book distributor, Global Grafx Press released a free report today: Top 10+ FREE Christian books for Kindle, Nook & iPhone. This report reveals where to find great, free Christian ebooks by popular Amish authors.

Christian book distributor, Global Grafx Press, released their free report today: Top 10+ FREE Christian eBooks for Kindle, Nook & iPhone! This book list reveals where to find great, clean Christian romance novels by popular Amish authors, and lets readers sample many popular Christian authors for free.

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Global Grafx Press Amish authors, Ruth Price, Rachel Stolzfus and Rebecca Price recognize how difficult it can be to find a good, clean Christian book and invite Amish book lovers to read books from their Christian book store for free by downloading this free report. Set in Lancaster County, these Christian romance books includes stories of Amish teenagers and adults finding love. Through this report, Christian readers will receive a comprehensive book list that will help them easily download high quality, free Christian books for Amazon Kindle, Nook, or Tablet today.

This book list is made for Christian book readers who love Amish authors who write in the style of Beverly Lewis and Wanda E. Brunstetter. Grounded in a strong, Biblical faith, these Christian books include Rachel Stoltzfus’s bestseller, A Home Lancaster Amish for Jacob, the story of a delinquent Philadelphia teenager, Jacob’s struggle to find himself in Lancaster County. This is the first of a wide variety of Christian books of loss, love and healing.

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About Global Grafx Press:

Global Grafx Press is a Christian Book Distributor founded in 1997. This press is known for publishing great Christian authors and Amish authors as well as Western Historical fiction. They are committed to helping Christian readers find the best, free Christian books online and hope that their readers enjoy browsing their Christian Bookstore.

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