Free Proven Lead Generation Fitness Business Growth Training Webinar Launched

A new free online training program has been launched for fitness business owners wanting to succeed. It offers results-backed strategies for growth and attaining financial goals.

A new online training and success webinar has been launched with a focus on fitness business owners looking for advice and strategies to grow. Led by Emmanuel Soba, it’s designed to help fitness business owners connect with more leads and dramatically increase revenue and profits while pursuing their growth goals.

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The free training webinar, called “14 Days To A High-Ticket Offer That Sells”, provides actionable steps and strategies to increase leads and generate more revenue and profits for fitness businesses across the US.

This is especially important during the uncertain climate the industry is facing following lockdown. Many fitness business owners and gym owners are worried about their future, but with the right guidance and coaching it’s possible to achieve their financial goals.

Emmanuel Soba has worked with athletes, models, actors, parents, blue collar working families, students, small business owners and a wide range of other clients. Now he’s turning his attention to fitness business owners to help more clients replicate his success.

The webinar is targeted at online and brick and mortar fitness coaches that specialize in body transformations. If clients want a high profit margin strategy, the coaching they will receive will help them at every step of the process.

Emmanuel Soba knows what it’s like to feel lost, because he’s experienced desperate times himself. He almost went bankrupt and had to give up his kids. At the time he was trying to grow his business and expand into the online space.

Then he discovered a powerful solution that transformed his business. It was based on getting the audience to do the heavy lifting, grouping traffic into the right buckets, and using funnels to guide the audience in the most effective way.

This allowed him to get his children back and now he’s using his passion to help others achieve their own dreams. By signing up for the free training webinar, fitness business owners can leverage insider knowledge and experience to ensure their own success.

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