Free Mold Inspections*: Home Improvement Ideas For Property Owners and Managers

The CleanUp Guys announced the continued availability of their Home Improvement "Black mold inspections" available at Simply call and make you appointment. More information can be found at

Customers looking for an exceptional Home Improvement are now able to receive free mold inspections by The CleanUp Guys. Sherman Robinson, Owner at The CleanUp Guys, has just released more in depth details of mold inspection’s development.

Mold inspection is designed to appeal specifically to Home owners, property managers, commercial business owners and includes:

Free Mold Inspections in Chicago area – This was made part of the product, since the company has been here for such a long time. It is a part of this community and as a member of this community The CleanUp Guys feels it has a responsibility to contribute to the welfare of community members. So, The CleanUp Guys is offering Free Mold Inspections to their customers. If the company to comes out and performs a mold inspection and mold is detected, it will deduct the cost of the inspection, when a contract with The CleanUp Guys to do the recommended mold remediation or removal is executed. Customers who buy Black mold inspections should enjoy this particular feature, because according to the Committee on Damp Indoor Spaces and Health, part of the Board on Health Prevention of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, there are over 119 million housing units in the United States and nearly 4.7 million commercial buildings (U.S. Census Bureau 2003), and almost all of them experience leaks, flooding,or other forms of excessive indoor dampness at some time. [SEE: Ref 1].

Mold Removal – The CleanUp Guys made sure to make this part of the Home Improvement’s development as Excessive indoor dampness is not by itself a cause of ill health, but it is a determinant of the presence or source strength of several potentially problematic exposures. Damp indoor environments favor house dust mites and microbial growth, standing water supports cockroach and rodent infestations, and excessive moisture may initiate chemical emissions from building materials and furnishings. [SEE: Ref 1]. Customers will likely appreciate this because Occupants, health professionals, and others have wondered whether indoor exposure to mold and other agents might have a role in adverse health outcomes experienced by occupants of damp buildings. Prominent among these health outcomes is acute idiopathic pulmonary hemorrhage in infants, cases of which were reported in Cleveland, Ohio in the 1990s. Residence in homes with recent water damage and in homes with visible mold (including Stachybotrys chartarum) was among the risk factors identified in the case of infants. [SEE: Ref 1].

Mold Remediation – This feature was included because the most effective way to manage mold in a building is to eliminate or limit the conditions that foster its establishment and growth. Every organism has strategies for locating a hospitable environment, obtaining water and nutrients, and reproducing. Intervention in one or more of those strategies can improve the resistance of the environment against microbial contamination. [SEE: Ref 1]. This is great news for the consumer as the key to prevention is the design and modification of buildings to limit water and nutrients. The two basic methods for accomplishing that are keeping moisture-sensitive materials dry and, when wetting is likely or unavoidable, using materials that offer a poor substrate for growth. Making modifications to prevent the recurrence of the source is paramount to preventing the return of a mold problem..

Sherman Robinson, when asked about Black mold inspections said:

“The CleanUP Guys is a Chicago water damage restoration company, an industry leader in the Chicago area and suburbs for bringing same day, next day and emergency services to those who need us there pronto! We pride ourselves in being a “one-stop shop” for all your professional cleaning and restoration concerns.”

The Free Mold Inspections is just one of many services offered by The CleanUp Guys release of a product and Sherman Robinson is particularly excited about this product because CleanUP Guys are excited about this service, because it offers a complete and comprehensive mold removal service, which includes professional mold remediation, expert mold removal, mold cleanup, mold repairs of all surfaces including hardwood, tile, carpeting, drywall, fixtures, ceramics, bathrooms, kitchens, wet or leaky basements, damp and moisture-ridden areas. The mold removal assessment comes with where the problem is, what caused it, and the methodology for fixing it.

{Ref 1:information used is extracted or derived from The National Academies Press Open Book, Damp Indoor Spaces and Health(2004)}

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