Free Leak Detection For Home Owners Now Offered By Restoration USA

Restoration USA announced their "Free Leak Detection" offer available at More information can be found at

Customers looking for Free Leak Detection are now able to receive it from Restoration USA. James Cohen, Owner at Restoration USA has just released more in depth details of the free leak detection offer.

The offer is designed to appeal specifically to property owners and includes:

FLIR Thermal Imaging – This was made part of the product, since it allows the technician to get thermal visuals of the water leak or intrusion in real time. Customers who take advantage of the deal should enjoy this particular feature because it grants them the piece of mind knowing that the leak is being examined at a hyper-detailed level.

Lower the price of a water bill – A high water bill is one of the tell tale signs of a leak in the home. Customers will likely appreciate this because everyone would like to save money.

Protection for the future – This feature was included because a leak is something home owners don’t want to experience often, let alone at all. This is great news for the consumer as it allows them to relax in their home without worrying about another freak leak occurring.

James Cohen, when asked about Free Leak Detection said:

“We were glad to start offering free leak detection as it’s not something that people often consider to be a major problem within the home. Now they can know if they’re home is safe, and if it’s not, how to take care of the issue.”

This is Restoration USA’s Second free release of a product and James Cohen is particularly excited about this product because It’s a great feeling to be helping people while also doing the job that he loves.

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