Free IVF Treatment Slips Away in Socialized Medicine, Remains Available in US

Free IVF treatment is on its way out in the UK, but it’s still available for Americans struggling with infertility. For more information or to learn about IVF funding and IVF grants, go to today.

Free IVF treatment has been a boon for those suffering from infertility in countries with socialized medicine, while those in the United States have been seeking IVF loans and IVF grants as a way to make their dreams come true. As of late, England’s NHS has been cutting back greatly on coverage for procedures, making America a top destination for free IVF treatment and medications, despite the lack of socialized medicine.

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“It is time for the NHS to halt free IVF treatment,” The Sun recently reported. “That may sound harsh — infertility can be heartbreaking and the health service has helped many conceive children they would never otherwise have had. But it is under unprecedented pressure from an ageing and soaring population and faces a monstrous £22billion funding gap by 2020. Tough choices have to be made and this is surely one.”

The Sun is one of many outlets calling for the end of coverage in England, and the country is largely facing a decision whether to cut funding that will help enhance and save lives of its existing residents who are suffering from cancer and various other ailments or assisting families that wish to bring new lives into the world. The NHS already has very strict requirements for those hoping to receive no-cost care from the government. As a proponent of keeping the procedure available for citizens, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown wrote in iNews that the rules are already far too strict.

“Now, simply because you live in certain parts of England, you have to go private, go abroad, or remain childless,” Alibhai-Brown said. She expresses heartache over a young mother who “was refused IVF because her husband already had two children from a previous marriage. They had to spend over four thousand pounds, go to the Czech Republic to have the baby they craved.”

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The story Alibhai-Brown highlights is fairly common, even in countries that reportedly offer no-cost fertility care. Because of this, the United States is becoming a medical destination for people hoping to undergo the process, in part due to the high quality of medical care available, as well as the multiple options to obtain fertility care. Naturally, these same options are available for people already in the United States, but they don’t need to travel to reap the benefits.

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