Free Guide for Hosts “Pleasing Holiday Season With Philadelphia Caterers”

“How to Please Everyone This Holiday Season” will be released in October 2017 via the Jerry’s Kitchen website.

With so many people moving toward vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, it can be hard to re-imagine the traditional holiday dinner, says Scott Kaplan, general manager of Jerry’s Kitchen in Philadelphia.

The award-winning catering company is offering a free guide to help hosts plan a holiday spread that will delight virtually any guest.

“With the right planning, it’s possible to please everyone at the table, even those on medically prescribed diets,” Kaplan says.

Kaplan and his chefs have seen a strong trend toward plant-based dishes over the past several years, with clients requesting vegan and vegetarian options for weddings, birthdays, bar and bat mitzvahs and family reunions. Corporate event planners also ask for vegan-friendly choices, he notes.

“Responding to the changes in the way people enjoy food, we’re rethinking the way a traditional holiday spread looks and tastes,” Kaplan says. “Even a meat-focused meal like Thanksgiving needs to include fresh choices to satisfy everyone.”

The free guide will include recipes and time-saving tips for planning and hosting the perfect holiday meal, with suggestions to please picky younger eaters, too.

Kaplan and his chefs, who created an award-winning vegan version of the famous Philly cheesesteak, are sharing everything they’ve learned in serving private and corporate clients in the Philadelphia, King of Prussia, Malvern and Doylestown area.

“A little imagination is all it takes,” Kaplan says, “to turn a classic meal into one that truly delights everyone.”

Sample tips from the guide:

There’s no need to banish turkey from your Thanksgiving table. Simply expand your menu plan to include other hearty dishes, such as a delicious baked squash with savory rice stuffing. Complement this with grilled vegetables and a fresh green salad with figs and walnuts for a delicious repast that’s just right for the season. Along with sumptuous holiday pies and cakes that are normally rich in butter and eggs, offer a dessert of fresh berries with honey-mint glaze. Vegan macarons made with egg white replacers such as aquafaba are another sweet treat that everyone will like.Talk with your wine and spirits merchant about vegan wine, beer and cocktail options. Surprisingly, many beverages are made with animal products, but your local expert will be glad to share other choices with you.

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