Free Gold IRA Rollover Kit Launched By Gold Investment Company Regal Assets

Gold investment company Regal Assets has announced the launch of a new free gold IRA rollover kit. The pack contains information on how to set up a gold IRA, with further details available on the site alongside live chat support for anyone with questions.

Regal Assets, a gold investment company which specializes in buying and selling gold and setting up individual retirement accounts investing in precious metals, has launched a new free gold IRA rollover kit. The kit provides detailed information on how to set up a gold rollover, a free DVD of an award-winning documentary, and a free issue of Forbes which features Regal Assets in its investment guide special.

More information is available on the Regal Assets website at:

Inflation can be incredibly damaging to the value of money over time. By increasing the prices of goods and services over time, it effectively decreases the amount anyone can buy with their currency in the future compared to what they could have bought today. Essentially, someone can have a dollar in their pocket today, and by this time next year, it will be worth less than it is today.

One way to combat the negative effect of inflation is through investing in precious metals like gold. Gold has intrinsic value, it cannot be manufactured, and it is used extensively throughout the real world in cell phones, computers, and aerospace engineering. Because of this, it is a safeguard against irresponsible governments and a safeguard against inflation. Since 2001, gold has given a 300% return on investment, and continues to be the safest way for people to invest, hold onto, and multiply their savings.

Because historically gold has moved counter to the direction of stocks, bonds and mutual funds, a gold IRA can help to reduce the volatility of a retirement portfolio. It’s possible to invest part of a retirement fund in gold, which can improve investment performance by increasing returns without increasing risk, or by reducing risk even if returns stay stable.

The Regal Assets website provides full information on how investors can learn more about gold, from bullion to coins, and the difference between the two. It has numerous pages dedicated to resources helping people decide whether such an investment is for them, including why one might want to invest in gold, and how to go about it. There is live chat support on the website for anyone with questions about any stage of the process.

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