Free Affiliate marketing Training Teaches how Affiliate Marketing ACTUALLY Works

Share this news:'s new Affiliate marketing training provides free information for Affiliate marketers looking to improve their skills. This FREE book is a complete blueprint for ALL affiliate marketers.

For Affiliate marketers looking to brush up on their Affiliate marketing expertise, is offering a free training book. The training will be a FREE physical printed book and a bonus audio book will take 2 hours, 25 minutes to listen to.

For full details, interested parties are encouraged to view the website at

Areas of Affiliate marketing that will be covered include:

How Affiliate Marketing ACTUALLY Works Today… – Inside Your Free Copy Of The Iceberg Effect You’ll Discover How Affiliate Marketing ACTUALLY Works Today…

​​​”No Products, No List, No Experience?” – No Problem!! Discover how to become a pro-level “connector” and build a profitable business from scratch even if no one’s ever heard of you…PERFECT FOR NEWBIES! [page 99]

“The DEATH Of Traditional Affiliate Marketing” – SHOCKING REVELATION THE GURUS DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW… If you’ve ever wondered why you’re not seeing the results you’d like as an affiliate prepare for a shock [page 92]

When asked about the reasons behind the decision to provide free training on such an in-demand topic, Tom le Roux, Owner of said,

For years I tried affiliate marketing but found myself lost, confused and seriously frustrated due to my lack of results… Despite countless hours at the computer every day trying everything that crossed my path, nothing ever worked out the way ‘they’ promised (know what I mean?) But one day I heard someone recommend this guy, Dean Holland, who by all accounts not only seemed to have it all figured out, but also has helped a vast amount of other people over many years… I began to learn from Dean and eventually went on to become one of his Certified Partners which has finally put me on the right track building my business… Which is why today I’m thrilled to be one of a select few people who can get you a free copy of Dean’s brand new book… The Iceberg Effect!

Affiliate marketers can find the most up-to-date information about the free training at Customers who have specific questions about the training itself may contact via their website.

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