Franklin Lakes LinkedIn Expert Profile Branding Marketing Service Launched

A LinkedIn profile building service has been recently launched by Neighborhood Publications. The service aims to help businesses build their brand to connect with customers and potential partners.

Neighborhood Publications has recently launched a Linked In brand-building service. The service aims to help businessmen and women build a strong online presence in their communities and connect with customers and potential partners.

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The recently launched service is an extension of the company’s goal to make marketing campaigns easy and more affordable. CEO and founder John C. Morley has used Linked In to help him build his brand and is now seeking to offer this service to those who need it.

Neighborhood Publications was founded after John realized he was getting terrible service from marketing firms. These marketing companies were always looking for a way to make money and never had the interest of their customers at heart. They refused to be flexible and charged extra for simple changes. He also recognized that they were lacking in the department of customer appreciation and started to work on some simple small printing services in his facility.

With the help of a few graphic designers and early customers, John began to build the company. Neighborhood Publications now offers website building and graphic design services, voice over services, email marketing services, scanning services, and printing services. The new LinkedIn branding service seeks to offer all of the above and uses the available tools on that platform to give businesses and brands the boost needed to be profitable.

The team finds out from clients the type of business they want to build and what they want their reputation to be. They then use this information to create a LinkedIn profile that aims to attract customers and business partners that are looking for that product or service. Additionally, they make high-quality videos that aim to build the credibility of their client’s business.

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Neighborhood Publications believe that if they can make their clients look like the best in any industry, people will want to pay for their clients’ goods and services. As such, they take pride in offering high-quality, affordable material that aims to make their clients stand out in any niche.

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