Frankincense Essential Oil Bath Salt Recipe Aromatherapy Blend Guide Launched

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As a Certified Aromatherapist and author, Jennifer Lane enjoys sharing oil-related content on her blog, Loving Essential Oils. This guide focuses on Frankincense essential oil and bath salts.

This frankincense guide is prepared with consideration for aromatherapy users with a particular preference for the combination of frankincense essential oil with their bath salt recipe. This has therapeutic effects, ranging from creating a relaxing atmosphere for an incredible bathing time to a soothing effect on the user’s body.

The frankincense essential oil bath guide can be found here –

The aromatherapy guide itself chronicles the history of frankincense in that it is one of the oldest and versatile oils on record. The oil itself originates from the middle east and has continued to gain ever-increasing relevance in daily use over thousands of years.

The oil has many uses and can be applied in several ways by essential oil lovers. For this reason, many people have frankincense oil for situations that span beyond the personal all the way to religious uses.

The guide lists a variety of frankincense oil types worth considering for application purposes. It also directs that each variation would have a slightly different aroma, but they can all be used conveniently for aromatherapy baths.

The types of frankincense essential oils which Jennifer Lane, owner of Loving Essential Oils, covers are “Frankincense frereana, Frankincense serrata, Frankincense sacra (also called Sacred Frankincense), and Frankincense carterii.”

The author of this guide has provided instructions on the best way to use the Frankincense oil in your bath. To begin, the essential oil needs to be diluted first. For this, use castile soap or a tablespoon of carrier oil combined with 3-4 drops of frankincense and add to one’s bathing routine.

Jennifer also brings her knowledge as a Certified Aromatherapist. She does this by pointing out the benefits of frankincense essential oil. Beyond its incredible aroma, the guide lists the advantages of using frankincense oil for bathing to include enhanced vitality during seasonal changes, deepening of spiritual connections and convictions, comforting and calming properties, powerful clarifying effects for the mind, body, etc.

This guide includes recipes on how best to combine the frankincense with bath salt. Interested parties can find the recipes at

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