Frank And Oak – Canada’s Top Sustainable Fashion Brand Announces New 2022 Goals

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Furthering its commitment to sustainability and transparency, Canada’s leading fashion brand has recently upgraded its e-commerce platform and announced five sustainability goals for 2022.

Frank And Oak is a certified B Corporation® since 2019. Certified B Corps meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability and are required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.

The brands’ new objectives include removing virgin plastic and polyester from their supply chain, implementing more carbon offset programs, using more renewable energy, and continuing to encourage their zero-waste policy.

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Recent catastrophic weather events proved once again that climate change can no longer be ignored. Now more than ever, the sustainable clothing brand is committed to sourcing better materials and optimizing shipping methods to significantly reduce its carbon emissions.

By 2022, the forward-thinking company aims to remove all excess packaging and maximize the use of recycled raw materials, thereby cutting the use of virgin plastic to zero. Additionally, they will strive to use only 100% recycled polyester fibres. Switching to renewable energy sources as much as possible is also on the company’s agenda for all their warehouses, stores, and other facilities.

For nearly a decade, Frank And Oak have been scaling their sustainability efforts. Through collaborations with local and international partners, they have been participating in reforestation. In 2022, they have plans for more projects that will help them offset their carbon emissions. The brand will also continue to supply reusable materials, reinforcing its zero-waste policy.

As always, Frank And Oak will pursue all their objectives through sustainable practices, factories, and fabrics. To ensure their clothing is good for their customers and the environment, they rely on sustainable materials such as hemp, post-consumer recycled cotton, ethically sourced yak wool, and kapok.

While shipping and packaging are necessary and come with the territory, the creative team at Frank And Oak has found ways to reduce their packaging to a minimum. Additionally, the packaging they do use is made from recycled cardboard.

Some of Frank And Oak’s past initiatives included taking steps to offset the brand’s carbon emissions caused by shipping. The company calculated the amount of carbon emitted by its shipments and made donations to plant new trees in Quebec.

Furthermore, they encouraged their customers to contribute to a better environment through the “Let’s give a shi(r)t” campaign. Customers were invited to leave their used garments in designated containers at their local stores. Instead of adding to the 13 million tons of clothing waste produced in North America, Frank And Oak’s customers gave their used clothes a second life.

About Frank And Oak

Launched by two friends in 2012, the sustainable fashion brand ensures all clothing items are designed with three key principles in mind – sustainability, transparency, and functionality. They make clothing for both men and women, including sweatshirts, pants, jackets, and more.

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