Framingham SEO Inbound Marketing Agency Opens Proven Online Marketing Program

Find Local Customers Online has re-opened the proven low cost "My Power SEO" program. We have +40,000 current clients who have page 1 rankings on Google for their important target keywords which drives more traffic, sales and profits for our clients. More info

Earlier today, Find Local Customers Online announced its partnership with the highly successful “My-Power-SEO” program and is now open for new clients. This proven SEO (search engine optimization) program has over 40,000 clients who are on the first page of search engine results for their important target keywords. These higher rankings drive traffic and customers to client’s businesses.

John G. Kelly, founder at Find Local Customers Online, commented that “Most businesses know that they need to have high quality backlinks to successfully rank in the search engines. Quality means real sites that are related to the business. However what few agencies will reveal is that this process – if it is done correctly– is slow, time consuming and expensive and explains why SEO agencies will charge thousands of dollars for keyword rankings.” He went on “At My-Power-SEO we have a huge advantage as we have a network of 40,000 businesses so you will get guaranteed links from highly relevant businesses that are themselves ranking in Google.”

Besides backlinks the other vital element needed is keyword relevant content added to the website. Most agencies will need to log into a website and make a significant number of changes to content and site structure. Again this is a slow, time consuming and expensive process for everyone involved. So as a welcome breath of fresh air, “My Power SEO” uses a plug-in which automatically adds the keyword rich content in a style, format and architecture that all the search engines love. This is all done with practically no work for the site owner because it is implemented with a simple copy and paste.

Watch this 3 min video to see why “My-Power-SEO” is better!

John G. Kelly went on to say “We know many businesses have either been burnt or very disappointed by SEO programs in the past, so we want to give our customers complete transparency. Inside “My-Power-SEO” they can check how their rankings are improving any time they want. Plus they can read, review and edit all the content we write for the site and just as important they can pause or activate any of the links. We want them to know they have complete control and vitally be able to see results for themselves.” His final comment “If you want to be found for your target keywords without it costing you a fortune or requiring a big website rework. Give me a call today.”

“My-Power-SEO” launched on April 29th. To find out more visit…

Find Local Customers Online has been in business for 20 years since 1997. From day 1 it has aimed to help local businesses generate more traffic, sales and profits online..

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