Fox Lite Pro Launches LED Headlamp Carabiner Combo Set

Fox Lite Pro announced the availability of their new LED Headlamp "Fox Lite Pro LED Headlamp & Carabiner Set". More information is available at and it is only available in the USA through Amazon.

Customers looking for the latest LED Headlamp are now be able to purchase Fox Lite Pro LED Headlamp & Carabiner Set by Fox Lite Pro. Today Andy Hinks, spokesperson at Fox Lite Pro releases details of Fox Lite Pro LED Headlamp & Carabiner Set’s development.

Fox Lite Pro LED Headlamp & Carabiner Set is designed to appeal specifically to camping, fishing, sports and outdoor users and includes:

a comfortable hands free operation – This feature was included because head lamps lets the user get on with what they need to do with both hands free instead of trying to hold a typical outdoor lantern to work in the dark. This is great news for the consumer as it lets them get on with the job in hand rather trying to work one handed as they have had to in the past.

bonus carabiner LED lamp included – This was made part of the product, as it saves the main head lamp battery life when not needed. Customers who buy Fox Lite Pro LED Headlamp & Carabiner Set should enjoy this feature because this lets the buyer have uninterrupted use of the main light for a much longer period.

bright light of up to 120 lumens – Fox Lite Pro made sure to make this part of the LED Headlamp’s development as a powerful light is needed in most outdoor applications. This was to cater for those needs of the users which most other Bright Head Torch providers do not. Customers will likely appreciate this because the bright light will improve the safety of the user whilst in use.

Andy Hinks, when asked about Fox Lite Pro LED Headlamp & Carabiner Set said:

“We are proud to offer this new to market LED Headlamp & Carabiner Combo that’s represents great value and the perfect addition to improve all your outdoor & sporting experiences.”

This is Fox Lite Pro’s first release of a new product and Andy Hinks is particularly excited about this release because even though this is primarily an outdoor lantern, it is really a multi-purpose tool as the combo set can not only be used as outdoor lanterns, but be used as a reading headlight, a flashlight for kids and a safety lantern due to its red safety light.

Those interested in learning more about the business can do so on the business website at

Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the product listing, here:

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