Fourth Grade Foresters And Nowship Announce New Environmental Program

NowShip Founder Announces New Environmental Program With Fourth Grade Foresters

NowShip announced that they have forged a partnership with Fourth Grade Foresters for the new 1Box 1Tree Program to plant a tree for every box shipped. The domestic & international personal effects shipping/moving company, known for its low-cost moving solutions is looking to give back. Founder John Krisch said “our industry uses a lot of cardboard and 1 Box 1 Tree is our way of giving back, Fourth Grade Foresters was the perfect fit for this project.”

“The One Box-One-Tree Program is planting trees to be enjoyed, to educate our next generation to be good environmental stewards and reap the benefits of reforestation tree by tree.” Said John Krisch, NowShip’s founder. “What this means is that each time a shipment is booked, a tree is planted through Fourth Grade Foresters in the USA.” The purpose of this program is to return to nature more than what we use, and there is no better way to do it than replanting trees with the help of 4th graders nationwide. This reforestation at a large scale will have many lasting effects on the environment as well as on the lives of those who contribute. Fourth Grade Foresters USA has engaged nearly 700,000 fourth graders from all across the United States to plant new trees and Nowship will help to expand that reach.

With over 200 affiliates worldwide, NowShip is already making a difference in the moving industry and is known for helping its customers save time as well as money. Their dedicated personal assistance is available 24/7 online at NowShip or at any of the multiple affiliate locations worldwide. The Nowship staff of highly qualified customer care representatives makes sure that each client is dealt with absolute attention and care. Customer reviews ,4.5 stars ,and feedback regarding the services of the company has been phenomenal and more customers are opting for NowShip for their local and international shipping needs.

NOWSHIP is a proud member of the Worldwide ERC also known as the Employee Relocation Council. With more than 12,000 relocation members globally. As a member of Worldwide ERC, we are focused on issues and the movement of employees by employers within the United States and between all countries. The focus includes students studying abroad, military families and expat shipping. If you have “stuff” to ship Nowship is your answer, our online booking system is easy to use much like purchasing an airline ticket through Expedia. Think of Nowship as Expedia, Trivago, Orbitz for your “Stuff”.

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