Four Conveyancing Problems Solved By Digital Property Settlements in Mandurah

Mandurah Settlement Services upcoming Digital Property Settlements service solves four common problems in the conveyancing service industry. Further information can be found at

Ahead of the launch of the new Digital Property Settlements service, Mandurah Settlement Services is making public four facts about why the service was created, which is already partially implemented and set to go 100% live in December 1st 2018, which fans and consumers within the Property Settlement and Conveyancing space will find interesting…

The idea for creating mandatory digital property settlements has been an initiative by Property Exchange Australia Limited (PEXA) to combat challenges in the Australian conveyancing industry causing settlement delays and impacting the clients experience…

The Digital Property Settlements service has actually been in development for 8 years by PEXA and had a dedicated team working on it, to ensure meeting Landgate and financial industry standards. Mandurah Settlement Services is already using digital property settlements for their clients in Mandurah, Rockingham, Perth and elsewhere in Western Australia where they benefit from their property settlement being on time and not delayed in anyway.

Mandurah Settlement Services says that before the implementation of digital property settlements there were delays caused by issues such as:

– Clients signing documents with different names, ie. J Smith or John Smith on the Transfer and Mortgage.

– Signing new documents or letters of explanation for Landgate.

– Documents being lost or misplaced, causing delays while they get reproduced.

– Physically signing and mailing documents takes 3 to 4 days longer than digitally signed documents which can affect the settlement date.

These four problems were overcome by developing the service for digital property settlement (e-conveyancing) that has worked towards resolving these issues, providing clients with a positive experience and the property settlement completed on time.

Mandurah Settlement Services head conveyancer and licensed settlement agent Judith Curran has over 20 years prior experience in the Conveyancing world.

Judith Curran is quoted saying: “We like to do things to connect with our clients and customers. We’re happy for people to call us so we can answer their questions in depth, attend our office in person for a coffee and a chat, and releasing these little factoids ahead of our Digital Property Settlements service full launch are what make a difference.”

Mandurah Settlement Services’s PEXA Digital Property Settlements service is set to launch December 1st 2018. To find out more about Mandurah Settlement Services and the new service, visit their website below or give them a phone call.

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