Foundation Seeks To Create Port Authority Organization For Space

The Foundation For The Future launched a campaign to fund the construction of a ground to space elevator and the formation of a public-private partnership to develop orbital infrastructure. More information can be found at

Earlier today, the Foundation For The Future launched a campaign to build the 21st Century’s first inspirational and aspirational infrastructure project. An elevator 60,000 miles high, from the ground to orbit. For anyone with even a passing interest in space, this campaign will be worth paying attention to, as it’s set to shake things up.

With even a passing glance a person will notice that getting to space hasn’t changed much in over 60 years. New rocket startups come and go, many with very innovative ideas; but ultimately they are all iterating on the same design. The Executive Director at the Foundation For The Future, Tim Chrisman, makes a point of saying “Humanity’s relationship with outer space is going to change with the construction of the first space elevator.”

Tim continues… “America is in the middle of a pandemic, social discord, and a divisive political season. It is time to stop wondering what tomorrow is going to hold, what new set of bad news we will see. It is time to build a tomorrow we can believe in. And how do we do that? Well, we open up a new frontier. During the Great Depression we built our way out of hopelessness. During the 1960s we went to the Moon, in part as a way to build a future free of social strife. When we come together as American’s we make the impossible inevitable.”

Foundation For The Future was established this summer as a social advocacy group after its founder, Tim, a former Army Special Operations Officer, realized he was spending more and more time waiting for more bad news. Following the publication of his book on the future of humanity in space Tim decided it was time to turn his attention to making that future a reality.

Currently the Foundation For The Future is running a public education campaign, because as Tim points out “For over 100 years the idea of a space elevator has been science fiction, so when we talk about actually building one we are always asked if we are really serious.”

And serious he seems to be. The Foundation’s plan calls for the creation of a public-private partnership, the United States Space Port Authority, to be funded primarily by the US Congress and Federal Reserve. This new organization would be, like the Tennessee Valley Authority, a private company with a government mandate to make outer space a place to grow American jobs.

For further information about the Foundation For The Future, their plans or to support them visit or contact Tim directly at

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