Foundation Repair Houston Analyst Provides Free Consultation, Consumer Tips

Article advises homeowners and realtors on how to select capable and competent contractors for foundation repair Houston.

Houston, TX — 11/5/2014– According to Brandon Hoge, foundation analyst for Structured Foundation Repair Houston ( ), rising or falling moisture levels exert tremendous pressure that can weaken your home’s foundation.

Houston-area residences are built upon some of the most expansive, and therefore destructive, clay soils in the nation. With foundation repair in Houston costing $6 – $10,000 for a typical residential project, consumers need advice they can rely on.

Hoge states “Houston’s current rainfall levels have caused bentonite and other coastal clay soils near the surface to swell near their maximum levels. This swelling generates thousands of pounds of force, pushing home foundations upwards and outwards in an uneven manner.”

Damage done to a residence’s foundation during wet seasons often becomes more obvious when rainfall is scarce. With less rainfall during dry periods, swollen soils give up their trapped water and subside – taking foundation slabs and piers downward with them. The result is quickly widening cracks in floors, walls, exposed brickwork and concrete slabs. When these visble problems become numerous it is time to call in professional assistance.

Now the real problems could begin, according to Hoge. “Foundation repair contractors in Texas have little or no licensing requirements – they are essentially unregulated. A plumber, realtor, massage therapist or hairdresser in Texas is required to be educated in their field. And they must pass a state-administered test to prove it before being licensed to practice. Not so for foundation contractors. With just a business card, cellphone and a magnetic sign on their pickup, a “foundation contractor” can jack up your most valuable possession” Hoge states.

To help homeowners who are concerned about the condition of their foundation, Hoge offers a free consultation. He further provides an article and download on his website which details questions homeowners should ask before selecting a foundation repair contractor in Houston or elsewhere in Texas.

For more consumer information and to request a free foundation check please visit: 4 Questions You Must Ask About Foundation Repair in Texas

About Structured Foundation Repair HoustonStructured Foundation Repair Houston provides free foundation inspections to homeowners who believe their Houston-area residences may have foundation issues. Should a foundation problem be found and repair is needed, Structured Foundation will generate an estimate at no cost and with no obligation to the homeowner.

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