Forward Greens Launches Indoor Farming in Oregon and Washington

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Forward Greens of Vancouver Washington is an indoor vertical farm that grows premium, curated greens available in premium grocery stores like Whole Foods, Zupan's, Metro Markets, and New Seasons.

Forward Greens Launches Indoor Farming in Oregon and Washington

New, clever-tech farming has arrived in the Pacific Northwest! Upstart produce farm Forward Greens (– formerly West Village Farms- recently repurposed a former HP printer factory in Vancouver, Washington to create an indoor farm. At Forward Greens, food is grown up, not out, meaning that growing trays are stacked high- towering under the cavernous 28 foot ceiling of the old printer factory. The Forward Greens vertical farm has many advantages over traditional produce growers:

-Full control over light, land, and water use to provide optimal growing conditions for the plants

-Year-round, contamination-free growing not impacted by weather

-No pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides are needed or used

-95% less water use than an outdoor farm

-Located in Portland’s Metro area, delivery time from harvest to store shelf a speedy (and fresh) 48 hours or less.

Everything at Forward Greens seems to radiate innovation. For example, packaging has been reinvented. Traditional produce growers use PET plastic clamshells, which are not recyclable in the Pacific Northwest. Forward Greens, in contrast, has developed a resealable, tetrahedral shaped film bag that uses 12x less plastic and has 8x less carbon impact. The bags reinforce the Forward Greens commitment to minimizing the environmental impact of food production.

Forward Greens grows premium, curated greens mixes available at premium grocery stores like Whole Foods, Zupan’s, Metro Markets, and New Seasons. Says founder Ken Kaneko, “We’re excited to announce our new packaging. Our primary focus is to serve the environment. We believe planting the seeds to create a cleaner future for generations to come. We now provide the best packaging to preserve the tastiest greens while minimizing the impact on our environment.”

About Forward Greens

Forward Greens, located in Vancouver, Washington near Portland Oregon is dedicated to sustainable indoor vertical farming. The company believes that change in food production is needed to create a cleaner, better future for generations to come. Power to the plants.

Those interested in learning more about the Forward Greens can do so here:

Media inquiries should contact or call 360-949-7271.

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