Fortune 500 Leaders and Diverse Early Talent Virtual Event Series

As part of the drive to level the playing field for students looking to break into professional opportunities, a leading employment and edtech company releases a review of its recent webinar program featuring insights from corporate leaders.

Paragon One’s BRIDGES is a virtual event series that offers graduates the chance to learn from corporate leaders across a range of sectors. The company’s new highlight retrospectively features the breadth of talent showcased in this year’s program, providing students and jobseekers with advice and coaching from professionals of Fortune 500 companies.

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The highlights from the webinar series demonstrate the success of Paragon One’s mission to connect today’s corporate leaders with students – the leaders of tomorrow. The series, which ran August through September 2021, welcomed students from over 400 schools and hosted senior executives from companies such as Morgan Stanley, Accenture, Facebook, Pfizer, Salesforce, Bank of America, Linkedin, Zillow, HP, Citi, Cargill, IBM, Albertsons, Wayfair, and Zoom.

Event speakers shared thoughts on overcoming barriers to entry into Fortune 500 companies. In addition to their personal journeys, guests spoke on Mentorship, Diversity & Inclusion, and Networking Opportunities as a means to securing top-tier employment.

The event spoke to students of all backgrounds. While it is students from Ivy League institutions who are generally expected to reach the upper echelons of corporate America, in a remote-first world, savvy students from outside of these networks are gaining greater access to professional opportunities. The BRIDGES webinar series is part of an overall mission to level the playing field, in this regard, particularly for disadvantaged students. Further series topics included, “Diversity Talk: Stepping Into Wall Street As A Diverse Candidate;” “How To Be The Most Employable Generation Z-er;” and “What Female Leaders Have Taught Us.”

The BRIDGES series this year was moderated by Alvin Patrick — Executive Producer at CBS News; Suzanne Ehlers — CEO of The Malala Fund; Anna Esaki-Smith — Forbes writer and Co-founder of Education Rethink; and Mosheh Oinounou — an Emmy-winning executive producer, formerly with CBS News and CNBC.

About Paragon One

The company is based in New York, NY, and breaks down access barriers between students and professional opportunities through its remote externship platform.

In partnership with leading corporate brands, Paragon One engages students from diverse backgrounds across hundreds of institutions by facilitating remote externship projects in categories such as marketing, data analytics, and product strategy. By leveraging Paragon One’s curriculum, training, mentorship, and assessment, companies seeking to scale their DE&I efforts can engage more students and provide more pathways to employment.

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