Fortibus Marketing In Charleston SC Unveils New Website and Marketing Services

A digital marketing agency in Charleston, SC is changing the way people view marketing companies one happy client at a time through re-branding their marketing agency experience.

Fortibus Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency located in the heart of North Charleston, South Carolina. They specialize in content creation, brand strategy, graphic design, web design, social media management, digital ads, SEO, blogging, and email marketing.

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Since their opening, Fortibus has been dedicated to rebranding the experience of clients all across the United States. With their holistic and transparent approach, they aim to change the marketing experience of clients everywhere. Fortibus has been developing and managing employee discount programs since 2005, helping businesses connect and engage large medical groups across the US. They realized that now was the best time to offer their knowledge to companies struggling during the pandemic. This realization caused them to turn the ship and add digital marketing services to their menu. With a team full of specialists, the goal is to help companies more effectively reach targeted audiences and create game changing results.

Dayna Paul, the CEO of Fortibus Marketing, was ecstatic when discussing the new additions. ”With over 15 years experience in advertising, we understand not everyone has had a positive experience with marketing agencies. Part of our job is to re-brand the marketing agency experience, where they begin to encounter tangible results and receive transparent communication along the way. We are excited to continue to come alongside businesses to help them grow,” she explained.

A recent reviewer attested to this by saying, “Working with Fortibus was the complete opposite of expectations. Finding a team to work on your company’s website can be a daunting task, and unfortunately, my past experiences with similar types of service had left me guarded and cautious. Not the case with Fortibus. They allowed us to recap our digital history, listened to our frustrations and concerns and graciously guided us to a point where our company finally had complete control of our website. They called in experts as needed, communication was fair and open, when issues popped up, we discussed appropriate strategies together to lead toward solutions, and deadlines were met. It is a far cry from how I started the process, and it is comforting to know I (we) have a team that is ready and always willing to help. I would not think twice calling them in the future.”

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The newly updated and redesigned Fortibus Marketing website went live in December of 2020 and includes resources for companies looking to get a better understanding of marketing, along with who Fortibus is as a whole, as well as information about their team. Resources include tips and tricks on how marketing can help a business grow exponentially. Their blog, “The Rebrand,” is a staple for anyone that is looking to increase their marketing knowledge.

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