Fort Worth Pain Sufferers Have an Alternative to Traditional Treatment Options

Fort Worth patients now have alternatives to the traditional treatment options that were once their only choices. Stem cell therapy is becoming more and more popular as it is being shown to have the potential to treat a variety of chronic pain conditions.

Chronic pain affects millions of Americans and severely impacts their overall quality of life. For people suffering from chronic pain, basic tasks become difficult and day to day activities that should be pleasurable turn into a strain on the body. Luckily, with various advancements made in modern medicine, new alternatives to conventional treatments are available for chronic pain sufferers. These alternative treatments include stem cell therapy, which has made leaps and bounds since its first uses as a potential pain relief treatment option.

Stem cell therapy now typically utilizes a body’s own fat cells or adipose cells for procedures. They are safely harvested from a patient’s body and then re-introduced to the site of chronic pain which helps the cells target the precise source of the pain and work alongside the body to lessen and potentially eliminate it. By using the patient’s own stem cells to complete the procedure, there is not a significant risk of the body rejecting the stem cells and there aren’t problems with the cells adapting to the host. Whereas common treatment options for chronic pain included invasive surgery and costly prescription medications, stem cell injections are non invasive and are typically performed as a same-day outpatient procedure.

With additional services such as knee treatments, chiropractic care, and physical rehabilitation, the Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Texas’ Fort Worth location is the comprehensive health and wellness center for any patient’s needs. Their expert staff is on hand to learn about each unique patient’s conditions and how stem cell therapy, or one of their numerous other services, could benefit them. For Fort Worth, TX patients who are seeking relief for their chronic pain that would like to regain their quality of life, the Neuropathy and Pain Centers of Texas offer free consultations and are eagerly looking forward to meeting new patients.

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