Fort Worth Criminal Defense Attorney Introduces The Signing of House Bill 1927

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This Permitless Carry Bill is a 2nd Amendment Victory for Texans

Attorneys at the Medlin Law Firm are eager to discuss and put into effect the recent declaration and signing of the new, historic bill centering on gun rights and possession. Beginning September 1st, 2021, Texas residents twenty-one and over will have the right to legally possess a firearm in public without a license or training. Governor Greg Abbott signed HB 1927, which is an exciting 2nd amendment win for Texas. This permitless carry bill eliminates the requirement for Texans to obtain a license to carry handguns. Gun rights advocates fought long and hard to achieve permitless carry for their fellow Texans. According to HB 1927, citizens can either conceal carry or open carry a handgun in a holster in non-prohibited public places. There are exceptions to this law primarily based on an individual’s criminal record. Additionally, specific locations such as schools or court offices prohibit weapons altogether. If you are uncertain about the specifics of this law and how it applies to you, The Medlin Law Firm is available for expert consultations.

Gary Medlin, a Fort Worth criminal lawyer, founded this law firm to serve Tarrant, Dallas, and the surrounding counties. The accomplished attorneys at the firm bring over seventy-nine years of combined experience to the practice and also handle all types of criminal cases, including: violent crimes, drug charges, DWI defense, assault, gun crimes, domestic violence, and theft. Clients confidently choose Medlin to represent them in all types of criminal cases in DFW and throughout Texas. The law firm prides itself on professionalism, ethics, and transparency. In 2021, the firm has done an exceptional job with the percentage of positive outcomes on a total of 175 cases they have handled so far.

“Very talented and experienced lawyer. I highly recommend Gary Medlin and his firm for anyone needing legal help. The legal system can be very frightening and Gary and his partner Dean had the experience and acumen that I needed. Trust Gary and his team and I’m sure you will see positive results like I did.”- Richard, Former Client

Gary Medlin and his team work tirelessly for their clients and the community of Fort Worth, Texas. The Medlin Law Firm offers expert legal representation for all cases involving Texas gun laws and charges. For more information about The Medlin Law Firm or HB 1927, please visit their offices at 1300 S University Dr #318, Fort Worth, TX 76107, contact them via phone number to (682) 204-4066 or through their online contact form in their website

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