Fort Worth Church Live Streaming Web Design Social Media Services Launched

A media agency based in Fort Worth, Texas launches their live streaming, web design, and social media services for churches in need of digital solutions in light of the global health crisis.

Eleven34 Media launches a line of digital solutions aimed at enabling churches to continue rendering their services in the midst of the pandemic. The media agency caters to religious organizations within and outside their local community of Fort Worth, Texas.

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Part of the newly launched services is giving these institutions the tools necessary to air their religious services over the internet. With Eleven34 Media’s extensive experience in live production, they can easily assist churches in finding suitable equipment, technology, and providers for their needs.

For worship service to be truly immersive, it is important that the live stream has excellent video quality and is free from any technical glitches. The media specialists can work with the churches to ensure that their weekly stream will be reliable and their technical concerns will be addressed.

With the expected increase in congregation members accessing religious services online, the digital media experts can also design websites to better support this transition. Having a robust website can also foster a sense of fellowship within the congregation.

Instead of a web-based billboard for the occasional updates, church websites can be created or converted to be destinations for digital worship, complete with community interactions, event calendars, volunteer sign-up forms, blog posts, podcasts, recorded sermons, and social media links.

As another way of keeping the community engaged, Eleven34 Media can also develop a plan to boost the churches’ social media presence. Social media sites are widely considered to be the second most important communication channels for non-profits next to their websites, and the agency can devise a strategy so they can fully leverage these platforms.

Eleven34 Media is a full-service media agency with capabilities in the areas of creative design, social media strategy, brand management, UX website design and optimization, content creation and management, and video production.

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