Fort Myers Water Filtration Systems & Free Water Testing Service Announced

Fort Myers Water Filtration announces their water filtration systems for residences in Southwest Florida, Naples and Fort Myers. The firm also offers a no-obligation water testing service free of cost. The results are given on the spot.

Fort Myers Water Filtration announces their whole house filtration systems and free on the spot water testing service. Their water technicians will test the tap water in houses in Naples, Fort Myers and Southwest Florida. Residents can decide on their water filtration requirements based on the results of this no-obligation service provided by the firm.

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Residents of Southwest Florida and nearby regions have access to water that is not very clean, despite the best efforts of city officials. Communities along the coast suffer from salt water intrusion into the tap water. Residents in the city and further inland have contaminants such as sulfur, chlorine and hard water. The shallow water table absorbs toxins such as pesticides and so on.

Filters can be fixed either just at the kitchen sink or for the entire house. A hole house carbon based filtration system will ensure clean water from every tap in the house and even from the showers! A carbon filter will also reduce VOCs in the water.

The first step to decisions regarding water filtration is to get the water in the house tested. This can be done by studying local water reports or by having a qualified technician test the water in the house. Fort Myers Water Filtration offers a service by which the water can be tested at home and free of cost.

A trained technician from the firm can perform a water test to check for the specific toxins and impurities that are present in a residence, based on the location, topography and other factors. The test can be done on well water or city water and the results can be seen and understood immediately. The decision whether to buy a filtration system and the next decision on the kind of filter to buy, rests solely with the homeowner.

In addition to water testing facilities and supplying a variety of best and affordable home water filtration systems in Fort Myers and Naples, the firm is also able to offer reliable and expert installation and maintenance of the systems purchased from them. For more information visit the website at the link given above.

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