Fort Myers FL Roof Condition Inspection Drone No Contact Service Launched

Worthmann Roofing, a leading roofer based in Fort Myers, FL, announces the launch of its free roof condition report. In keeping with health protocols, the inspection will be contactless.

Fort Myers, FL-based Worthmann Roofing announces the launch of its free roof condition report. The process is contact-free in line with local health precautions, and helps homeowners spot and address roofing issues in preparation for the rainy season.

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Company representatives stress that the roof is a home’s primary defense against the elements. But as a roof is not easily accessed, nascent issues are often overlooked until they develop into problems that are too big to ignore.

And with the arrival of the rainy season, prompt repair and inspection is vital. The state of Florida receives over 54 inches of rainfall a year, compared to the nationwide average of just 30 inches. Any cracks or chinks in a roof’s construction can permit water into a home, which in turn can lead to issues such as mold growth, drywall damage, and rotted support beams.

However, getting roof inspection in light of the pandemic can be challenging, as many roofers remain closed, while clients are wary of letting contractors into their home.

Worthmann Roofing says it designed the roof inspection to be completely contactless to reassure customers. They simply schedule the inspection via call or email, and a roofing professional will personally inspect the roof and take drone footage of it. A free report will be generated and emailed to the client, thereby ensuring that no person-to-person contact occurs.

The inspection will thoroughly evaluate the structural integrity of the roof, including looking for missing shingles, damaged gutters, cracked caulking, and punctured areas, among others. If problems are identified, the roofer will also help clients file a claim with their home insurer to get the funds needed for repairs.

A representative from Worthmann Roofing says: “With the current pandemic, many people may have forgotten about their yearly roof inspections. But with folks staying at home most of the time and the rainy season fast approaching, it’s even more important to keep roofs in good repair.”

Worthmann Roofing is a leading roofer that caters to the Southwest Florida region. It offers complete roofing services, from inspection, repair, and replacement.

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