Fort Myers FL Estate Planning Accountant – Trust Fund Tax Services Launched

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Fort Myers, Florida-based accounting firm CCG Certified Public Accountants has recently updated its estate and trust fund planning service, which helps clients protect the financial future of their loved ones.

CCG Certified Public Accountants, an accounting firm based in Fort Myers, Florida, announces the launch of its updated estate planning and trust tax services. It helps clients protect their assets so they can pass on more wealth to future generations.

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These updated services ensure that loved ones will have a secure future and will not be burdened with heavy taxes upon inheriting assets. CCG is staffed with experienced accountants and all the strategies it recommends are in line with the latest tax laws.

According to industry statistics, only 30% of Americans have a full-fledged estate plan. The accounting expert notes this is because most people believe estate planning is only for the very wealthy.

However, CCG highlights that anyone who has anything of value to pass on should have a strategy for distributing said possessions. By having a plan laid out, wealth will be properly dispensed to inheritors without having to go through probate court.

The firm works closely with a client’s attorneys and investment advisors to craft a holistic estate plan. An individual’s assets and liabilities will also be carefully reviewed during the planning process.

In the estate plan, a person can decide to bequeath their wealth to loved ones, a trust fund, or a charity. With the help of gift tax benefits and other strategies, taxes owed on inherited assets will be kept to a minimum.

CCG can also help clients enter their assets into a trust fund to protect them from creditors and financial mismanagement. It can also provide crucial advice on business succession if a person owns an enterprise.

As a leading accounting firm, CCG provides trusted advice so that clients can have peace of mind. Its other services include small business accounting, bookkeeping, payroll preparation, and forensic accounting, among others.

A spokesperson says: “Estate and trust tax preparation and planning are an important part of managing your financial future. It’s not just for the one percent; it’s important for everyone — especially if you have a spouse and children or own a business.”

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