Fort Mill SC Tooth Sensitivity Treatments/Causes – Oral Health Report Released

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Southlake Family Dentistry (803-548-3342), a dental clinic serving Fort Mill and Tega Cay, South Carolina, has released an updated report featuring five common causes of tooth sensitivity.

The latest report helps patients understand why their teeth feel sensitive and provides advice for managing sensitivity. The publication also includes in-site links to resources on bruxism, also known as teeth grinding.

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Southlake Family Dentistry’s announcement responds to the increasing number of patients suffering from sensitive teeth. In fact, according to Healthline, approximately 40 million adults in the United States report some form of tooth sensitivity.

In this report, readers will learn to identify five prevailing sources of tooth sensitivity. These include too much mouthwash, frequent teeth whitening, acidic foods, bruxism, and gum disease. For example, while mouthwash does help reduce plaque, many brands are acidic and will harm the tooth’s enamel. Additionally, peroxide-based whitening treatments will have similar adverse effects on the enamel.

For many patients, though, tooth sensitivity is the result of acidic foods. Southlake Family Dentistry explains that tomatoes, citruses, wine, and coffee are all high in acid — that is, they have a pH level of 4.6 or lower. Patients with enhanced sensitivity should also limit their intake of carbonated beverages and processed foods with high sodium.

Should sensitivity persist after changes to the patient’s diet and oral care routines, the culprit may be a more severe condition like bruxism or gingivitis (gum disease). If patients notice sore or inflamed gums along with sensitive teeth, they may suffer from gingivitis and should contact Southlake Family Dentistry immediately.

With bruxism or teeth grinding, individuals typically grind their teeth during sleep and wear down the enamel. Should patients wake up with headaches or a sore jaw, they may grind their teeth and cause extra sensitivity. To learn more about bruxism, go to

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With the release, the clinic continues to provide patients in Fort Mill and Tega Cay with expert resources on oral healthcare.

Dr. Priya Chougule, one of Southlake Family Dentistry’s leading practitioners, is a laser-certified dentist and a member of the American Dental Association. She takes pride in keeping patients healthy and smiling.

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