Fort Lauderdale Roofing Experts Prepare For Roof Replacement Season

Fort Lauderdale Roofing Experts are prepared for a very busy fall season where many Florida homeowners are looking to get a new roof replacement.

A general assumption is that the best time to get a roof replacement for homeowners in Fort Lauderdale would be during the summer months. However, this would be an incorrect thing to assume. The summer rains increase the volume of business that roofing companies are conducting, mainly for roof repairs. The Fort Lauderdale Roofing Experts have had a successful summer, primarily handling leaky roofs, as the daily rains expose to homeowners the problems the roof is having. With summer in the rearview mirror, many of these homeowners are now looking towards replacing their roofs.

One of the primary reasons for delaying a roof replacement until after summer is that projects can be done on time. During summer, daily thunderstorms make it very dangerous for roofing crews, resulting in what can end up being delays for weeks at a time! So many homeowners will repair the issue as best as possible or tarp the roof during the summer months; then, come the fall and hurricane season is over, it will now be time to replace the roof.

Kyle, a representative of Fort Lauderdale Roofing Experts, had this to say, “This summer, we saw a tremendous amount of inbound calls from homeowners looking to replace their roof. We attribute this to successful marketing and a large increase in new people moving to Florida over the past year. People around the country know Florida is a place notorious for hurricanes. So when they move here, it’s understandable they want to ensure the roof is new and can handle that possibility of a big hurricane. And the best time to do this is when hurricane season ends.”

Homeowners are encouraged to take action quickly if they do need a new roof. The roof replacement process is typically not very quick. Permits must be pulled, and depending on the roofing material the homeowner selects, the reality is there could be shortages and delays. There has been a shortage of tile for most of 2021, and tile is necessary for some Fort Lauderdale neighborhoods. Metal roofing is also available to those who want high-end roofing material but do not want to wait for tile.

The Fort Lauderdale Roofing Experts offer free estimates and proposals for all homeowners looking for new roof installations. Financing is also available if there is no valid insurance damage claim to file. Visit this page for more information about roof replacements.

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