Fort Lauderdale FL School Graduation Rate Improvement Learning Program Announced

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Cedric Burl, CEO of Wall Street Insight, announced an automated data dashboard. The innovative early intervention and warning system for public and private school districts is designed to increase safety.

Cedric Burl, a world-class investment consultant and expert in data-driven marketing, has endorsed an Alternative Student Virtual Learning Program for schools across all fifty states.

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The newly launched program is one of several projects Burl is collaborating on to increase school operational efficiency and safety.

The Virtual Learning Program first identifies the students in a district that do not have a diploma but who are not attending school. Then, each student is assigned their own state-certified instructor as well as an interventionist to monitor social and emotional issues.

The Virtual Learning Program’s results speak for themselves: it boasts a 94% average graduation rate, well above the national average of 88%.

School districts benefit from this program because otherwise, these students would probably end up drop-outs, and the situation is challenging to shift with the district’s current resources. They are also the same students who are pulling down the test score averages for the entire school or district.

Many of these teens have exhausted their educational options and there is no one left willing to work with them. Others are on probation or parole, or in jail.

There are absolutely no up-front costs because Burl has already identified various capital sources. For example, 100% of the schools the program has worked with qualify for federal aid. The program’s team will help the school district coordinate with their Federal Program Director to locate and secure the necessary funding.

Cedric Burl is the CEO of Wall Street Insight. For over a decade, he’s been working with cities and municipalities to raise capital and reduce debt by making schools safer and smarter.

Burl describes himself as a “global citizen” and cites “concern about all municipalities and their citizens” as one of his main motivations.

Burl believes strongly in this program: “Each student, as well as the school staff, deserves to attend a healthy and safe campus. We can help!”

School administrators, district governing bodies, or any other interested parties who would like to know more about Cedric Burl or his efforts to create safer, smarter schools should visit

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