Fort Lauderdale FL Home Interior Remodeling – Renovation Design Services Updated

The last 18 months have seen people across the US spending more time at home, inspiring many to rethink both the style and functionality of their properties. In light of this, BBH Design Studio (305-702-0028) announces updated structural and textural design services.

The Hallandale Beach, FL-based studio’s latest launch offers clients a range of architectural and interior reinvention solutions, from the remodeling of existing spaces to bespoke planning and construction oversight of projects from the ground up.

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The announcement details a variety of professional design services tailored to the individual style and tastes of clients. The company specializes in the integration of innovative architectural concepts with the needs of modern American families, bringing elegance and atmosphere to bear in domestic settings.

According to Statista, the home renovation and remodeling market in the US is worth almost $500 billion. The global health crisis of 2020 and the subsequent “shelter in place” regulations heralded a significant increase in homeowners undertaking both interior and exterior renovation projects. Studies have also shown the many positive psychological side effects of artistically designed indoor spaces with proximity to natural light sources and plants playing a major role in the mood of occupants.

BBH Design Studio offers clients a comprehensive range of services from initial creative concepts—combining customers’ ideas with the team’s architectural and artistic expertise—to design development, planning, and eventual construction.

Designs include all the necessary structural amendments, plumbing, lighting, electrical system solutions, and air conditioning considerations. As a project develops, the team presents ideas as regards color schemes, textures, furniture, and accessories. BBH designers visit stores and exhibitions with clients to find the perfect style and look for their reimagined homes.

Clients also benefit from the company’s liaison services, meeting with contractors and sub-contractors to ensure all specifications are met to customers’ satisfaction. BBH Design Studio also assists with planning permission and assembling quotes, enabling clients to make the final decision on which building team to use. The team also oversees the entire construction process, making sure all work carried out meets the highest professional standards.

About BBH Design Studio

The award-winning company is led by the experienced architectural and interior design team of Debbie Flicki, Hani Flicki, and Sete Bassan. From its base in South Florida, BBH Design Studio is dedicated to innovation and creativity, helping clients bring their visions to life on time and under budget.

A spokesperson says, “We are proud to create luxurious and innovative homes that have an intimate connection to our clients as well as their families.”

With its latest service update, BBH Design Studio continues to set the standard for artful yet affordable interior and structural remodeling.

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