Fort Lauderdale FL Healthcare Staffing Medical Recruitment Services Launched

Fort Lauderdale, FL physician staffing company MASC Medical Recruitment Firm has launched updated job placement services to match qualified medical professionals with healthcare organizations.

MASC Medical Recruitment Firm has launched an updated range of customized staffing solutions for medical professionals and healthcare organizations in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area. The company provides recruiting services and job placement for physicians, mid-level providers, dentists, allied health, and executive-level professionals.

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By expanding their range of staffing services, MASC Medical Recruitment Firm aims to provide qualified medical professionals with guidance through the recruiting process and help healthcare organizations fill vacant positions, including meeting urgent staffing needs for new and existing clients during the current pandemic.

Recruitment searches can be a time-consuming process, and healthcare organizations face unique challenges as they seek to fill open positions with top medical talent. In addition to crisis response needs during the current virus outbreak, the healthcare industry faces a long-term shortage of physicians and nurses. Many hospitals, medical groups, and managed care companies struggle with inefficient and costly onboarding processes, ineffective marketing strategies, and a lack of access to the staffing resources that a third party recruiting firm provides.

While competitors may take one hundred days to fill similar positions, MASC Medical matches first-rate medical talent with open jobs in approximately thirty days using an extensive professional network, industry knowledge, and a streamlined recruitment process. After discussing a client’s staffing needs, recruiters identify and screen potential hires, verifying references and certifications before shortlisting top candidates and conducting interviews. The company then facilitates contract negotiations, extends offers, and secures staffing placements.

As one of the leading physician recruiting firms in the country, MASC Medical has built a reputation for meeting healthcare organizations’ staffing needs with a customized, hands-on approach that delivers reliable, successful job placement results.

A satisfied customer said: “To say I’ve been impressed by MASC would be an understatement. MASC Medical has been here when we needed them—not once, not twice, but three times they’ve been able to find a doctor for us in less than 24 hours. Each time, I’ve contacted them, I explained we were in need and they delivered solid replacement physicians to cover the work. The team at MASC Medical is easy to work with, super quick to respond, efficient, and fair.”

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