Fort Collins CO IV Vitamin Therapy Drip – Immunity Booster Treatment Launched

Fort Collins, CO—Pure Drip IV (970-266-5660) announces new intravenous (IV) therapy cocktails for strengthening the immune system. The company was the first brick-and-mortar IV therapy store in the state and has since revolutionized the way residents maintain their health.

Leading IV therapy clinic, Pure Drip IV, introduces its new multi-vitamin IV drips for residents wanting an easy and convenient way to strengthen their immune system. The IV therapy delivers various vitamins and minerals into the bloodstream, resulting in almost immediate effects.

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Unlike traditional medication, which needs time to be absorbed into the system, the IV drips introduce essential nutrients into the body instantly. This means that patients may observe instantaneous results with no downtime.

IV therapies were primarily used for emergency care. Roughly 90% of hospitalized patients receive an IV for the immediate delivery of fluids, blood, or medication for their survival. As medical doctors hailed its effectiveness for exigencies, they also saw an opportunity to widen its use for preventive purposes.

This led to more clinics offering IV therapy drips that contain various vitamins and minerals that strengthen the immune system. Pure Drip IV was the first clinic in the state to create a health-strengthening formula with alpha-lipoic acid, B-complex, biotin, glutathione, glycine, magnesium, vitamin C, zinc, and essential fluids.

Filling in a gap in the market, the clinic began creating new formulas to address different health concerns, ranging from reducing the effects of chronic stress to enhancing the proper function of the intestinal tract. Each IV therapy drip has been medically studied to provide the greatest number of benefits as safely as possible.

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Pure Drip IV Health & Wellness is run by a passionate team of health practitioners. Its team of doctors and nurses believes that everyone should have access to high-quality and affordable preventive health therapies.

The team explains that its therapy drips are beneficial for people suffering from chronic migraines and headaches, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome, to name a few. Its preventive IV cocktails may also be used by those who want a nutritional, athletic, energy, beauty, or immunity boost.

New clients are encouraged to schedule an appointment online to practice social distancing.

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