Fort Collins CO Buyer Agents Real-Estate Trade Association Directory Launched

The Colorado Exclusive Buyer Agents Associations helps clients find knowledgeable and experienced real estate agents in towns across Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins.

A new service that helps clients find exclusive real estate agents in towns across Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins has been launched by Colorado Exclusive Buyer Agents Association (CEBAA).

To get a free list of buyer’s agents, complete an easy form which is available here:

CEBAA is a non-profit trade organization established in 1999 which consists of companies whose buyer’s agents work exclusively for real estate buyers.

These agents are focused on helping first-time buyers, or those who are looking to buy a second home for investment, retirement, resort, or a holiday home. They are dedicated to helping clients find their perfect home and will work alongside them to negotiate the best price. Having access to exclusive buyer agents ensures that clients do not overpay for a new home.

“Rather than trying to sell you a home, it is the job of a Buyer Agent to help you buy your perfect home. You can trust your agent to negotiate the best price because their goal is to help you, not the home seller. This is just one of the benefits of working with exclusive buyers agents” says Association Manager Kathleen Chiras.

The organization will put clients in touch with agents in the local area where they wish to buy. There are buyer’s agents that specialize in Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Boulder, and other ski towns. They will be able to provide clients with the agency’s name and contact information for all members in good standing with the association.

Using their knowledge and expertise of the local neighborhood, buyer’s agents help clients evaluate and secure financing and increase the probability that their offers get accepted. This particularly important in Colorado’s strong seller’s market, where there is high demand for limited inventory, especially in the under-$400,000 range. Therefore it is crucial to select the right agent by interviewing them beforehand and making sure their personality suits the client.

“Hiring the agent means you are confident in their experience, their moral fiber, and simply getting along well. Good buyer agents know excellent resources for financing assistance in the purchase of real estate, have knowledge of dependable lenders who keep “junk fees” down and know how to help clients steer clear of bad lenders” says Kathleen, who adds that the buyer agents’ insights are priceless.

For more information on the buyer’s agent directory visit the URL above.

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