Formic Technologies’ Robot Rentals Aim to Change U.S. Manufacturing

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Formic Technologies has defied manufacturing convention with the release of robot rentals. Further information can be found at

Formic Technologies today reflected on its release of robot rentals 6 months ago, which was in development for many months. The main aim was to change the way automation is deployed, and by approaching the market with a fresh perspective, Formic may permanently alter the way manufacturing in the United States operates.

Malcolm Kerr, Business Operations and Strategy Lead at Formic Technologies, says: “We wanted to try something new with robot rentals. Anyone familiar with the manufacturing market will tell you: the industry standard is to buy robotic equipment. We felt that this was a problem, as buying equipment is costly, complicated, inflexible, and fraught with risk.” Often times, while automation is desperately needed, buying a robot doesn’t make sense (Formic wrote a blog post detailing these limitations). Formic felt that there was a better way to get equipment up and running in the facilities that need them most.

Robot rentals are cost-effective, flexible, and ROI positive from day one, which is a breathe of fresh air to manufacturers. Formic Technologies chose to make this move because modern manufacturing needs a more flexible way to automate.

Malcolm Kerr also said “We want to smash the traditional barriers to entry and give our customers the ability to automate essentially on demand. With robot rentals, they have a fresh new possibility. We want them to feel secure and confident knowing that key processes are automated reliably at a consistent cost and throughput when using robot rentals.”

Robot rentals, or robots-as-a-service, are not an entirely new concept. However, Formic’s model is different. Instead of focusing on a small number of applications, Formic can automate any application. Formic also delivers a bundled solution that includes engineering work and maintenance, rather than just robotic equipment alone offered with a more flexible payment plan.

Formic Technologies has been in business for since 2020, and since day 1, has aimed to be a proud partner to U.S. manufacturers.

Robot rentals is now available at throughout the greater Midwest for applications such as machine tending, material handling, welding, and more.

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