Former Prosecutor Creates Video Explaining Domestic Violence Arrest Defense

Domestic violence can be a life changing event so when you're innocent you need to hire the best criminal attorney you can find and afford. Being accused does not mean being guilty.

Defending a domestic violence charge can be tricky because it often ends up being a “he said, she said” matter. Sometimes charges of this type are fabricated and can be used to stack the deck against a defendant in a child custody issue or something to that effect.

Sometimes the alleged victim wants to drop the charges for reasons such as fear or financial necessity. If the accused apologizes and promises not to do it again, a victim might want to drop the charges because they really do love the defendant.

The problem is that domestic violence is a vicious cycle which almost always continues without some sort of intervention. Domestic violence can be verbal, physical or simply a threat of violence. In any case, a true victim needs help removing herself from the situation. In some cases, domestic violence has ended in the death of the victim or abuser.

When a charge is made, and the police are called, someone is going to jail. An investigation is done by police including pictures of any injuries, statements from the victim while he or she is still under the influence of the situation. Ultimately, It is up to the police and prosecutor to build the case because sometimes the victim may be reluctant to testify or follow through with the prosecution.

What if the client is innocent? Maybe he or she was just trying to leave the situation and the victim was blocking the way. Maybe the alleged victim called the police out of spite because the client was trying to leave. There have been many false charges brought against someone that is truly innocent and that is why hiring the right attorney is so important.

These types of cases are highly sensitive, and the prosecutor will take them very seriously to protect the victim. A good defense attorney who knows how to defend this type of charge is necessary because the outcome can be life changing. You do not want to hire your brother-in-law’s attorney who does bankruptcy, etc. You want an attorney who has experience defending these cases. Click here to see the video.

JL Carpenter is a leading criminal attorney in the Houston, Texas area and is well known and respected as the go-to-attorney in these cases. With more than 20 years practicing on both sides of the bench, she knows how to get to the bottom of a case and vigorously and passionately defend her clients. Click here to visit her website and reviews.

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