Former Fortune 500 Employee Launches Gourmet Coffee Catering in Denver

Former Fortune 500 Employee Michelle Hunter launches a gourmet coffee catering line in Denver. Further information can be found at

Earlier today, the Xpresso Xperience Catering Company announced the release of a new signature gourmet coffee catering line in Denver Colorado. The line is designed to target luxury apartment residents in Denver. Their main aim is to take coffee catering to a whole new level by delivering fresh unique organic coffee flavors. Their signature flavors include Coconut Latte, Macadamia Mocha, Raspberry Mochachino, Spicy Viennese Espresso and even a Toffee Latte featuring special gourmet chocolate.

Michelle Hunter, owner of Xpresso Xperience Catering Company, and a former Fortune 500 employee to several companies says: “We wanted to deliver something new to Denver’s hip trendy coffee community. Versus the same boring bland carbon copy coffee experience. Because we understand that our clients crave new and exciting choices. The goal is to show our clients that there is a little gourmet coffee commissure in every coffee lover”

Michelle Hunter also said “We also wanted to give our clients some new, fresh organic options, by using quality, health-conciseness ingredients and patronizing local coffee roasting

companies in Denver. This allows us to provide a very exclusive boutique experience with a

local touch.. Unlike the international coffee companies we deliver a very exclusive boutique experience yet with a local touch.”

Michelle Hunter has been orchestrating large social affairs and fundraisers for 12 years. And has been in the coffee catering industry in Denver since 2010. She formerly worked in corporate America for 25 yrs at several Fortune 500 companies.

Xpresso Xperience Catering Company is a well-established mobile coffee catering company serving Colorado since 2010. There focus is on high end gourmet flavored coffee. Their main goal is to provide an Incredible unique gourmet coffee catering experience. Their new luxury coffee catering line is available now. To find out more, it’s possible to visit

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